Invalid GPIO pin specified


I just purchased the board (V2) and trying to mess around.

Followed the instructions and playing with GPIO from Python, however, it gave me “Invalid GPIO pin specified” error.

import mraa

x = mraa.Gpio(0)

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 1, in

File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/”, line 755, in init

this = _mraa.new_Gpio(pin, owner, raw)

ValueError: Invalid GPIO pin specified

This is the list of GPIO.

respeaker@v2:~$ mraa-gpio list
01 VCC:
03 GPIO127: GPIO
06 GND:
08 I2C2_SCL: I2C
09 I2C2_SDA: I2C
10 VCC:
11 GND:

Could anyone advice please?


Pin 0 is wrong, 12 should be the right GPIO pin. See the pixel_ring_server code.

Dear customer:

I have got your question. Please use this two firmware (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 2szro/view”></LINK_TEXT>) (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … dOM23/view”></LINK_TEXT>).And we are updating the wiki.

The linked firmware won’t even boot on my ReSpeaker Core v2.

At power up I get a green light, followed by activity on both blue lights, a single blink of three red lights near mics 2,3,4 on the back of the board – then the cycle just repeats. I get no serial port presented on the OTG connection and no network on my wired ethernet port.


Hi Mark,

We tested it work well. Please download <LINK_TEXT text=“ … .sha256sum”></LINK_TEXT> to verify the image. If it is good, please try to re-burn the SD card and let us know the result. thanks.

Seeed Techsupport Team


Can we get just the changees needed instead of a complete image? Much work to re-install all packages and customizations.

We get same issue, and our pixel_ring_server is using gpio12

Hi, we optimized more than 60% of code from uboot to kernal to improve the performance on the new image. We suggest change to new firmware. thanks for understanding.

Seeed techsupport team


Any chance there is a “flasher” image of this version of the OS?

I have been able to find a earlier versions on your various one drive/google drive/random other locations that the docs point you to, but have as of yet found one for the 20180610 version.


WARNING: While this looks like it should work it doesn’t

Looks like any image can be made a ‘flasher’ image simply by booting from the sd card with the image you want written to it (either iot or lxqt) and then running /opt/scripts/ as root…

Thats all the image builder script does when it creates a flasher image. It just auto executes that script on boot.

This also exposes a nice way to create an “image” easily. Just boot from the SD card, do all your work to get it the way you want, and then use it to flash each respeaker you want.

UPDATE: Just did that on one of my core v2’s and sadly while the script runs, and it looks like it works, it doesn’t result in a bootable device after the fact.

So I’ll stick to booting off a SD card for now, as all the flasher images don’t actually have working a GPIO pin for the LED enable pin.

And my question still stands Seeed. Is there a more update to date functional flasher image?


Hi Chris,

We will release a 6/10 image flasher by end of July. thanks.

Seeed techsupport team


Looks like a new image was posted (20180801) which is nice.

Sadly it doesn’t boot. iot-sd and iot-flasher… uboot can’t finish booting.

The name of the dtb file in uEnv.txt in the /boot directory is wrong so when uboot trys to load it its unable to and then the boot hangs.

Once the proper path is set manually (via the tx/rx port using a uart adapter to get the uboot console) then booting proceeds correctly.

After that (in my case) the flasher script takes over and flashes the system (with the still incorrect uEnv.txt file).

You can then fix the dtb setting on the mmc and all future boots proceed correctly.

So it looks like the image is still sadly a little messed up.

LED lights though work properly though with this build. So that is a plus :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,

I am having the team look into this now. I am hoping we can reply by the end of work tomorrow.

Also, your name really confused me. I thought you were a Seeed employee at first, hah!

Thanks for looking into this.

And ya. I can’t change my forum name, and it somehow carried across from my purchase account. Not sure.


Hi Chris

Please try to download it again and it shall work now. thanks.