Intro to our PCB services

1. About PCB(A) service we provide:
PCB services are one of the ways to sustain our studio. As hobbyists ourselves, we organize local mfg power, panelize designs, reduce the shipping cost, and ensure the quality.

2. Services brief info:

2.1. Propaganda:
Intro: Small quantity manufacturing for open source PCBs.
Price: $30
Board size: max 10cm*10cm each.
PCB Layers: 2
Qty: 5 pcs
Silk screen: yes
Turnover time: 3-4 days
Shipping: from $2.2, drop-shipping available.
Limit: Open source works only

The initiator make a board (maybe own design or any work under open source license), get 5 pieces PCB for just $30, we share the manufacturing costs and produce extra. The extra PCB will be stock by us and listed on a very affortable price like 7-9$ with minimal shipping cost. (About 2-3$ flat rate). You may share the $30 with other people, end up getting an industrial standard one for less than 10$.

2.2 Trinity Bundle:
Intro: Combining designs with total size < (77.5sq.inch)
Price: $89
Board size: Max (77.5sq.inch)
PCB Layers: 2
Silk screen: yes
Turnover time: 5-10 days
Shipping: free
Limit: only one in each order
Suggested for: sandbox for starters, prototyping, breakout for SMT components, or a trial
$69 for 3 different boards, up to 500, free panelizing service.

2.3 Mainstream:
Intro: Cheap for volumne orders, the protagonist
Price: $49 + $0.12 per
Board size: No limit
PCB Layers: 2
Silk screen: yes
Turnover time: 3-4 days
Shipping: free
Limit: No limitation
Suggested for: rock on

2.4 Comparison charts

3. File format

We accept Eagle, Protel, Allegro, and preferably Gerber files.

4. To place an order

4.1. Customer sends us PCB files to
4.2. We exam the file and confirm about the details.
4.3. Customer adds corresponding item into shopping cart and proceed.

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