Interfacing with RPI

Can we use Wio Terminal as a Raspberry Pi hat by connecting the 40 pins header? Will RPI power it from the headers? Where can I find pin mapping of ATSAMD51P19 to 40-pins headers?

Another question, there is an FPC connector on the Wio Terminal, what is it for? I could not find any documentation.

Wio Terminal is currently available on normal Serial communication with RPI(USB), and we are working on Wio Terminal as USB-C Screen for RPI. you can find pin map on our wiki :

FPC headers were not used yet, more to released very soon :smiley:

Thanks @ansonhe97 for the info! How can I access Digital/Analog/I2C/SPI pins in an arduino sketch? What are their names and corresponding locations on the headers? It is not clear in the link you shared in the previous message for pinout diagram.

Hi please follow through our wiki:

You can see from the left panel, there are more infos: