Interfacing to a Current Sensor

I have purchased several current sensors and I need to interface them to a BBB. An example is the 100A sensor: … p-547.html

The problem is that the sensors output a variable current (0 to 50mA) whereas the BBB wants a variable voltage (0 to 1.8V). Any suggestions for how to make this work?

I have tried to submit this to the technical support team at SeeedStudio but their stupid web page is broken. Every time I try to submit it, the page pops up an error saying that I need to fill in all of the fields even though all of them are filled out. I tired to submit it on the customer service page as well and when I click on the Submit button nothing happens. Very frustrating.


Please check the last three links provided at product page Documents section. These links explain how to interface a CT to Arduino (or to any othe MCU input). There is a simple schematic (R and C) to convert current output to voltage output.

Thanks and Warm Regards.