Interfacing a Brick w/o brick-shield?

I’m trying to directly connect a brick (125KHz tag reader) to the Arduino serial.
I connected as follows (brick -> Arduino):
gnd -> gnd
power -> +5V
rx/d0 -> nothing
tx/d1 -> digital0 (rx)

W/ BPv3 I can see data coming correctly, but my sketch doesn’t see it.
If I connect output of an ID12 module, it works w/o any problem.
If I use BPv3 to send data, Arduino doesn’t receive it, but IIUC that should be due to BPv3 being 3.3V).
I can’t find any reason because it shouldn’t work… Unless brick is working at 3v3 too, but it seems it’s not the case. Or am I mistaken?


Hi there,
Which RFID reader do you used ,can you provide the link ?


The 125KHz brick by Seeed, obv :slight_smile: : … ard_Reader
Should be ID12-equivalent (same protocol, same serial settings)…