Integration with ROS

Hi all,

I just created a package for integrating ReSpeaker Mic Array v2 with ROS (Robot Operating System) Middleware and would like to share with all ReSpeaker users.

Enjoy and feel free to give me a feedback!



Hi Yuki

thanks for the sharing, do you mind we add it into wiki? thanks.

Seeed techsupport team


I have started a project with Respeaker Mic Array v2 with my Robot. I downloaded your packages. I want to control my robot movement using mic array. Can you give me some advices what I should do now? Thanks you so much !

Hi there,

please check with Yuki directly.thanks.

Hi I’m trying to use your repository and I’m facing some problem with running your roslaunch program. when I Launch my program it can’t start the node and sending me error code like this.
ERROR: cannot launch node of type [respeaker_ros/]: Cannot locate node of type [] in package [respeaker_ros]. Make sure file exists in package path and permission is set to executable (chmod +x)

can you help me please @furushchev @hong.jiang ?