Installing Kali Linux on reTerminal

Hello there!

I am attempting to install Kali linux on the reTerminal

I am running into two issues:

#1. The display does not “just work”

I have read the “Getting started” guide, and with RetroPie and the default (not supplied by seed) Raspberry Pi OS, I am successful in restoring screen functionality and using SSH.

Problem #2: SSH does not “just work”

As when I install Kali linux, from this link:
(yes I decompressed the img and used Raspberry Pi Imager to install)

I am unable to connect to WiFi headless, and when using an external HDMI display, I see a login screen, but an unable to use a mouse and keyboard to do anything about it.

I have followed this guide:

And still, WiFi does not auto-connect and as such, SSH fails, and installing drivers is useless.

Any ideas on how to get this to work on the reTerminal?

FYI. I tried Installing Lakka - I run into the same issue, but RetroPie DOES work (with extreme display rotation fixing issues following MULTIPLE guides. (seriously, why?, but I digress on this part)

Thanks in advance.