Installing driver (Solved)

To use the arduino IDE I need to install the driver and the instructions states that there should be two unknown devices but they show up as serial adapter and I can’t update the drivers.

Hi Bobbiy,

Have you turn it on first?

Before connect your RePhone to PC, you need to

  1. plug in the battery
  2. press and hold the power key for 2s to turn it on

Try this, right click on the “Serial USB-device” and click uninstall both the USB-device, then click “Scan for hardware change” under the “Action” pull-down list, after this you should be able to see two unknown devices as instructed in the wiki, then, you can do the following:

  1. install the driver again as instructed in the wiki, if it does not work, go to step 2 below

  2. Install the Driver manually.
    In “Browse for driver software on your computer” window, click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”, then click “Ports(COM&LPT)” and go “next”, click “Have Disk” afterwards, if you are using Windows Vista 64bit, locate “Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone-master\drivers\mtk\Vista\usb2ser_Vista64.inf”, if you are using Windows 7 or higher with 64bit, locate “Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone-master\drivers\mtk\Win7\usb2ser_Win764.inf”

Thanks! I installed the driver manually and now it works great :smiley:

I tried this also but it still automatically make the two com port’s usb serial port’s. Almost 4 hours of fiddling with this problem. I am working on a windows 10 machine. Any tips?

Hi Jimmy,

you can still try to download the LinkIt Assist 2502 SDK 2.0.46

Then find the driver installer in the path MediaTek_LinkIt_Assist_2502_SDK_2_0_46\LINKIT_ASSIST_SDK\Driver\InstallMTKUSBCOMPortDriver.exe

Hello Chao,
This worked as a charm easy installation and i could update the firmware and arduino ide. All is working now.