Inquiry Regarding Audio Capabilities of Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Arduino Dev. Board

I hope this message finds you well, my name is Hassan Ali, and I am reaching out to you as a user and enthusiast of your products. I am particularly interested in the Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Arduino Dev. board and have a specific inquiry regarding its audio capabilities.

I have reviewed the available documentation for the Realtek AMB82-Mini IoT AI Camera Arduino Dev. board, but I couldn’t find detailed information about its audio output features. Specifically, I am interested in understanding if there are ways to stream small MP3 files from the board to wired or wireless headphones. Additionally, I would like to know if it is possible to connect a small speaker to the board for playing audio files.

If you could provide information regarding the following points, it would be greatly appreciated:

1. Availability of audio output pins or dedicated audio interfaces on the Realtek AMB82-Mini
2. Support for connecting wired headphones and details about any required configurations.
3. Options for connecting a small speaker, including power requirements and potential need for an amplifier circuit.
4. If the board supports wireless audio streaming, especially to Bluetooth-enabled devices.
I understand that your team is likely busy, but any assistance or information you could provide on this matter would be invaluable for my project.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards,