Infrared Temperature Sensor

I have bought the infrared temperature sensor, below type. … ure_sensor
But I don’t know which pin is VCC, GND, OBJ and SUR
if i want to connect with computer to test it, just like the wiki page,i alreadly download the source code in wiki page, what device we need to use for testing?
Is that using a serial monitor, connect to Com pin in computer? If yes, any other things need?
thank you

Its a analog sensor, so you need a AD converter for measuring. You need a microcontroller with serial interface for a connection to pc. The sourcecode from wiki is for use with a Arduino Uno compatible Board (Seeeduino) and a Grove Base Shield. Connect the sensor to analog pin 0 on your Base Shield.

Seeeduino: … th=132_133

Grove Base Shield: … th=132_134

Cable: … th=178_179

I would want to use this sensor on a Raspberry Pi together with the Grove Pi Plus hat. Is there any Python code available for it?

This is the sensor that interfaces with the analog , Just use analogRead in Python