Infrared communication wayside / train

Dear all,

I am looking for some helps about infrared Grove modules, which look like basically…

In fact, I would like to develop an automatic train control system on railway for modelism. I choose Infrared module : several emitters on railway, and 2 embedded receivers (only one is activated depending on the direction of the train)

Consequently, I have developped 1 electronic circuits with 18f2525 Microcontrollers.
My question is : can I connect directly “TX” pin of emitter on “TX” pin of the first microcontroller and the same for receiveded “RX” of receiver with “RX” pin of the second microcontroller ?

I have tested the emitter with the camera of my phone. It is OK. For receiver, I remove the microcontroller replacing by LED. But I detect by defaut a small voltage on receiver RX pin. When I turn “on” the emitter LED is not “ON”.

Do I need drivers between microcontrollers and Grove modules?

Thans in advance for your reply !

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