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Hi everybody!

I went through this forum, but could not find answer to my question… so here is my first post :slight_smile:
the situtation: my company is developing a small hardware with ATSAMD21 MCU. We will sell this product for money (because the hardware also costs money for us to manufacture…), however we will release the whole software to opensource, and will be available to the community on Github. We’d like to facilitate uploading new firmware releases through USB for end-users (using ATSAMD USB capability). For that, we need an USB bootloader… and here comes the question: could we use Seeeduino’s XIAO M0 bootloader for this product even if we won’t have any relationship with Seeeduino XIAO? We don’t want to create our own bootloader, we don’t want to purchase VID/PID for $6000 from USB-IF because then the whole project does not worth it for us…
and if we are not allowed to use XIAO bootloader, could you help me how to achieve USB bootloading support to our custom made board?

Thanks for your response!