Inexplicable IMU y-axis rotation value

I’m getting x-axis and z-axis rotation values (float) that are around 0.4 while there is no motion but the y-axis rotation value is around -2.8. I thought it was measuring the rotation of the Earth at first but regardless of how the Seeeduino nRF52840 Sense is oriented, if there is no motion the value hovers around -3. When there is motion, it appears to detect rotation around the y-axis correctly.

I’m going to assume the values returned by IMU.readRaw or IMU.readFloat need to be corrected by applying a calibration offset (Eg: +2.8 to the y-axis rotation in my case) in order to get a corrected value.

My question is whether anyone else is seeing acceleration or rotation values that are slightly off from what they would expect to see.

Short Answer is Yes, and Yes.
Check out some of the High level examples, .AFIAK , I recall seeing something about manufactures offsets or calibration factors in a memory location that is readable. but you’ll need to verify it’s true. Also some of the filter LIB’s do this too.
GL :slight_smile: PJ