Individual LEDs Vs. Dot Matrix - How To

Hey guys… I’m new here :slight_smile:
And I have a question! :stuck_out_tongue:
How do I wire up 192 LEDs on a Rainbowduino ? I want to light individual LEDs instead of a 8x8 RGB DOT Matrix.
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I already did this. Do you user 192 single Leds or do you use 64 RGB Leds ?

The wiring itself follows the one for the matrix provided in the Rainbowduino Manual.

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Hi xDGx,

To control 192 LEDs, the difficult part is how to connect them to the rainbowduino and how to control the spcific led.

I suggest you look at my rainbowduino demo code(, which may give you some instructions. (Not fully finished yet :wink: )

To control 192 LEDs, you may try this way:

  1. led0~led23 as the first group of which anode use the same VCC.
    conect anode of led0~led23 -> VCC1
    connect cathode of led0->R8,led1->G8,led2->B8;led3->R7,led4->G7,led5->B7;… led21->R0,led22->G0,led23->B0

  2. led24~led47 as the second group of which anode use the same VCC.
    conect anode of led24~led47 -> VCC2
    connect cathode of led24->R8,led25->G8,led26->B8;led27->R7,led28->G7,led29->B7;… led45->R0,led46->G0,led47->B0

  1. led168~led191 as the 24th group of which anode use the same VCC.
    conect anode of led168~led191 -> VCC8
    connect cathode of led168->R8,led169->G8,led170->B8;led171->R7,led172->G7,led173->B7;… led189->R0,led190->G0,led191->B0

Then change matrixColorData[line][column] with different value will change the brightness of specific led.
For example matrixColorData[0][0] = 0x000f -> led0 brightest
matrixColorData[0][0] = 0x0000 -> led0 off
matrixColorData[0][0] = 0x00f0 -> led1 brightest
matrixColorData[0][0] = 0x0f00 -> led2 brightest
matrixColorData[0][1] = 0x000f -> led3 brightest
matrixColorData[1][0] = 0x000f -> led24 brightest

You can try it! Feel free to ask any question!

All the best,