India Open Data Association's EMK Environment Monitoring Kit

Hello all,
We are from India Open Data Association and working on Environment Monitoring Kits which will measure the parameters of environment such as Carbon Dioxide,Carbon Monoxide,Ammonia,Dust.
Our mission is to build, Scalable and sustainable product which senses environment parameters and relay this data to Server.We aim to deploy 50,000 EMK’s across India and Make the Data Open to all.This whole project will be based on Open Source Community and Open data.
We Have used Linkit One Boards along with 8 Grove sensors provided by Seeed Studio - Dust,Oxygen,Carbon Dioxide,UltraViolet,Multichannel Gas sensor(CO,NH3,NO2),Loudness,Barometer,Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
We will be using Both SIM Cards and Wifi for communicating with Servers.
Here are both Linkit Sketches(Code) I have attached along this post.
We would love to hear from SEEED Studio Open Source Community.
All yours Contributions and Suggestions to this Open Source “Open Environment Project” are appreciable.

India Open Environment Team
Open_env_EMK_setup_Wifi.rtf (10.9 KB)
Open_env_EMK_setup_SIM.rtf (11.8 KB)

Hello India Open Environment Team,

We appreciate the goals of your project and wish you all the best.

You could promote your idea by writing a detailed recipe here about your project. Write about your website, software and open source licenses that you intend to use. Give more information about how other users can contribute and use existing data. You could also promote in social media websites…


As i have said Our Environment monitoring kit(EMK) also works on GPRS(SIM card) data.we have some issues regarding it.
we are using our device to send data for every 2 minute.but the EMK stops sending data after 2-3 hours.And it needs to be restarted(by pressing Reset key) for again making it work.

anyone knows what is the issue?
is it something wrong with SIM card(network issue) or its board issue.


I’m having similar problems even without the GPRS . Seems that the Multichannel gas sensor locks the board / accesses out. May be it is the sensor I have… would suggest removing the code for Multichannel gas sensor and check if the lock happens for you in 2-3 hours.