increasing to 120 mA

I’ve just got my first Rainbowduino and my live gets even more exciting now. :slight_smile:
I try to connect my own LEDs, but they are not as bright as normal. As I understand from the manual, the Rainbowduino is default set to use minimal 20 mA, but that I could increase to 120 mA through the Potienmeter. Could someone please explain that part in more detail to me?

thx alot in advance,
ullala :slight_smile:

yes, contrarotate the Potienmeter, can increase the MBI5168 sink current.
BUT, the M54564P Source driver cannot drive more than 500mA /drive port at same time.
please connect your own LED Anode to extern power and connect the cathode to RGB channel.
the MBI sink driver very be very very very … hot, please do not touch the ICs.
and the 120mA work current is the absolutely max work current, and it may not work properly.

all the best

Thx alot for the info!