Increase Doppler Radar range?

How do I increase the doppler radar range? The documentation states its good to 10m, but it testing it only works to about 2-3m.

I’m assuming I got a defective unit then?

Any help on this? It seems defective or does it not go to 10m?

Hello, can you tell me the SKU of the product?

Doppler BGT24LTR11. Thanks

Thank you for your reply, I understand. Due to the characteristics of radar products, some objects cannot be penetrated, such as reinforced concrete walls and liquids. I’m not sure what kind of environment you are in when you test within 10m. Maybe you can test in an open environment. If you firmly believe that there is a problem with the quality of the product, you can send an email to, and report the problem and situation to our customer service. I am not sure whether the purchase time has passed so long, they allow replace it. You need to communicate with our customer service, thank you.

There was nothing between me and the radar. What I’d like to hear from is people who purchased this and were able to get anything beyond a few feet of coverage. If you’re saying this isn’t something based on a setting then I don’t believe there’s anyway to get it to go 10 meters.

Hi. I’m currently testing the Grove Doppler Radar. I mounted it 1 meter about the ground.
The location is at a wide car park with no cars.
I walked towards the Grove Doppler Radar and I was detected when I’m around 2 meters away from it.

Big objects, like a car, can be detected at around 5 meters away.

Advertised distances, on all sorts of products, are ALWAYS way overstated. They are absolute best case the mfg could contrive and never reflect what you are going to see in real life. If you can sometimes get half you are #$%^ lucky, more like 25% most of the time. Just try to get the actual test conditions from the mfg !

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