Incorrect voltage/signal scale

I’ve run into a bug, where the DSO Nano displays (part of) the correct signal, but at an inflated voltage on the display (and with the “V avg” measure).

[]Test signal on 1V/div is 2.0v avg and displays correctly. Test signal on 2V/div is off the screen and 25.92V avg displayed. ???
]Measuring my signal generator’s 5.1V output shows 81v avg.
Measuring small signals at 1V/div is correct.

when you change to 2V/div , do you change the triggering level to the correct place ,too.

May be you can save the picture of the screen with the Dat2Bmp Tool and post it here , and we can get more detailed about your problem and give some suggestion or processing.

I’ve attached 1V/div and 2V/div images. My DSO Nano doesn’t appear to work with my 64MB uSD card, so these are digital camera pictures…

The measured signal is the “test signal” available on the corner-pin @ 1000 Hz

Thanks ~ I got it ~

can you test the 0.2V and 0.5V /DIV and the 5V 10V /DIV ~ the former is right and the the latter is incorrect, that may be something wrong in the channel of the X6 - -|||