Incorrect pinout of Photo Reflective Sensor?

After debugging a design for a good two hours late last night, the problem was found at the photo sensors ( … ml?cPath=6).

Turns out the ones I got have different pin-out than what the data sheet describes… Also, the drawings in the data sheet don’t quite match the actual physical design of the component - is the datasheet really for this product?

Anyway, in case more people experience this, try the following pin-out (which is what is used on the device I got):
Seen from top (looking down at diode/phototransistor), with notch on lower left of device:
Upper left: diode’s anode
Lower left: diode’s cathode
Upper right: phototransistor’s collector
Lower right: phototransistor’s emitter

Any more info from Seeed on this topic?


:open_mouth: we will confirm this issue… I found it really not so match the datasheet…