Inconsistent Behavior of Seeeduino Xiao with Same Code - Seeking Troubleshooting Advice!

I have encountered an issue with my Seeeduino Xiao boards recently. While my older board functions as expected, the three new boards I purchased last week are behaving differently. The LEDS, instead of strobing, remain solid and are noticeably dim.

I have attempted a reset and even uploaded a simple digitalWrite(6, HIGH) command, but the LED remains faintly lit. The only noticeable difference I’ve observed is that one of the built-in blue LEDs on the new boards remains illuminated.

which boards… the blue light comes on when the serial usb is connected and transmitting

its important to make sure the correct board XIAO ESP32X3 is selected when compiling and uploading… otherwise the effect of the builtin led may be ubpredictable