IMU with Odyssey-X86i51135G7


I would like to connect a IMU to the Odyssey-X86i51135G7 for real-time measurements. For example, using something like a 6 DOF IMU connected through i2C. I’m not sure if it is possible, as I can not find the exact datasheet and/or pin layout of the Odyssey-X86i51135G7.

Thus, I would like to know the pin layout for this patform. I saw on the forum that the ReServer uses this board inside, but I could not find the pin layout. And I could not find the information on seeedstudio. com either.

I see the layout and the information for Odyssey x86J here (Accessing 40-pin GPIO | Seeed Studio Wiki) but I don’t think that will help me.

So, can anyone please help me find the pin layout and connectivity of Odyssey-X86i51135G7 ?

Thank you

Here is the introduction of Odyssey-X86i51135G7. (reServer is the X86 board with a nice enclosure.)

I hope it can help you.

Hi @Seeed_Seraphina ,

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, I can not find the information about the pins in the description of the ReServer (28-pin Arduino Pinout, 9-pin COM Pinnoutx2, 9-pin USB2.0 Pinout, 9-Pin Front panel Pinout, see Is there anywhere a description how to use those with this x68i5 board ?

Thank you

28-pin Arduino Pinout means using the 28 pin of Arduino Uno.

9-pin COM Pinnoutx2, 9-pin USB2.0 Pinout, 9-Pin Front panel Pinout means using standard 9-pin COM, 9-pin USB2.0, and 9-Pin Front panel interfaces.


Oh great, thank you @Seeed_Seraphina !
And is there an explanation anywhere how to use these in software ? (i.e. access them via c/c++ code)
Maybe something like Accessing 40-pin GPIO | Seeed Studio Wiki but for X86i5 board and these pins ?

My goal is still to be able to connect an IMU to the X86i5 board for real-time interaction through c/c++. I saw that there is a guide for Arduino here but I’m not sure this can be applied to X86i5 board.

Thank you

since the co-processor of Odyssey-X86i51135G7 and ODYSSEY - X86J4105 is the same, you can refer to this Wiki for programming on arduino.

Hi @Seeed_Seraphina , thanks for the answers. Where can I get the Arduino pin orientation ? (i.e. knowing which pin is what). I found this picture for Odyssey board, but the 28-pins are not located at the same place, physically, in the Odyssey-X86i51135G7. Is it the same pin out ? If yes, where is the pin number 1 ? I can not find this information.

I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long.

The first pin is as follows:(Bottom left corner)
After the first pin corresponds to it, look at the picture you mentioned here to correspond to the pin.

Thank you very much for your feedback, we will update the information on the Wiki :grinning:!

Hi, thank you for this answer. Thanks to your help, I succesfully managed to connect the MPU6050 with the Odysseyx86 i5 through Arduino.
Since you are talking about feedback for the Wiki, you may update the Wiki about Arduino installation on Odyssey. Indeed, I installed Arduino 2.1.0 and tried to follow the instruction on seeed wiki. I could install and download the packages, but when I tried to upload it failed to connect to the Arduino board through ttyACM0.
Installing Arduino 1.8.19 solved the problem.
Thanks again