IMU with Odyssey-X86i51135G7


I would like to connect a IMU to the Odyssey-X86i51135G7 for real-time measurements. For example, using something like a 6 DOF IMU connected through i2C. I’m not sure if it is possible, as I can not find the exact datasheet and/or pin layout of the Odyssey-X86i51135G7.

Thus, I would like to know the pin layout for this patform. I saw on the forum that the ReServer uses this board inside, but I could not find the pin layout. And I could not find the information on seeedstudio. com either.

I see the layout and the information for Odyssey x86J here (Accessing 40-pin GPIO | Seeed Studio Wiki) but I don’t think that will help me.

So, can anyone please help me find the pin layout and connectivity of Odyssey-X86i51135G7 ?

Thank you

Here is the introduction of Odyssey-X86i51135G7. (reServer is the X86 board with a nice enclosure.)

I hope it can help you.

Hi @Seeed_huang ,

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, I can not find the information about the pins in the description of the ReServer (28-pin Arduino Pinout, 9-pin COM Pinnoutx2, 9-pin USB2.0 Pinout, 9-Pin Front panel Pinout, see Is there anywhere a description how to use those with this x68i5 board ?

Thank you

28-pin Arduino Pinout means using the 28 pin of Arduino Uno.

9-pin COM Pinnoutx2, 9-pin USB2.0 Pinout, 9-Pin Front panel Pinout means using standard 9-pin COM, 9-pin USB2.0, and 9-Pin Front panel interfaces.


Oh great, thank you @Seeed_huang !
And is there an explanation anywhere how to use these in software ? (i.e. access them via c/c++ code)
Maybe something like Accessing 40-pin GPIO | Seeed Studio Wiki but for X86i5 board and these pins ?

My goal is still to be able to connect an IMU to the X86i5 board for real-time interaction through c/c++. I saw that there is a guide for Arduino here but I’m not sure this can be applied to X86i5 board.

Thank you

since the co-processor of Odyssey-X86i51135G7 and ODYSSEY - X86J4105 is the same, you can refer to this Wiki for programming on arduino.