Improving the Wio Lite M600 experience

Hi Seeed Studios,

First off I’m a big fan of your soliderless grove platform. I made many purchases of Seeed items so I thought I would give the Wio Lite M600 a go.

Unfortauntely the Wio Lite M600 is currently painful to setup and configure. I have a WPA2 wifi router both on 2Ghz and 5Ghz with WPA2 enabled. No matter what I did to run the ap_sta_mode I was unable to connect to my AP with the correct SSID and password. I’m not sure how to define that the M600 is connecting to a WPA2 encrypted connection. Do I have to flash the M600 to recongise this?

Furthermore the Library does not include a http example currently (although the screenshots in the Wiki article indicate that a http example has been written in the past however this is where things go interesting…

Diving into the source code I can see there was a class called WifiHttp Service which has been written out of the AtWifi class for this board and the http example so would it be possible for Seeed to include a http service with a future update or an example of how to connect the device to a http service as previously defined on the github repository.

Overall the documentation at the moment is lacking at the moment. I’d really love to see an example that shows how to post sensor data via the grove shield that just came out for the M600 that would be super :slight_smile:

I hope this feedback is ok. I feel the M600 is a very powerful little board the documentation and support for the libaray needs adjusting and then things will be super!

There is a slightly issue in wio lite w600 wiki documentation:

Correct step 5:

Step 5. Modify the code with your own AP and Station. In the following picture, Wio Lite W600 work as a station to join the AP marked B and the the Wio Lite W600 will create the A AP for other devieces. You should change both AP name and password.

// board will create (AP) wifi network with these setting

String AP_SSID = “Seeedstudio”; // SSIDof the AP that wio lite w600 board will create

String AP_PSWD = “1234567890”; // password of the AP that wio lite w600 board will create

// board will try to connect with any (AP) wifi network with these settings

String SSID = “STU-EE”; // replace this with you local WiFi SSID

String PSWD = “stu-ee-2022”; // replace this with you local WiFi password

Thanks, after this change it works.

AP_PSWD is not found in t
he example

BLINK does not work on the Wio lite M600, how would you expect anything to work?