images saved on the MicroSD

As I can see in the PC images saved on the MicroSD DSO v2, or how I can convert. Dat a. Jpg. thanks

Its not clear what you asking.

DSO Nano saves images in .bmp format. You can convert to .jpg online … erter.html

Or use a some image editing software like Paint, Paintshop, Photoshop… Just Open then Save As .jpg.

How to save images. bmp?

It depends on the current firmware on your Nano. Its highly recommended to flash to Benf 3.64 and the option is in “FI” menu, Save Img option. How to Skip to 9:20 for FI menu.

Benf 3.64 For old bootloader Nano v1 or v2

Benf 3.64 For new e-Design Nano v1 post 5.

Edit your image using an online website to make a collage of your images and other edition to your images. if you are interested Click Here