Image for Odysee-STM32MP135D

Hi. Do you have any pre-built image for the Odysee-STM32MP135D board?

Yeah, I’m interesed too ! I’ve built an image using OpenSTlinux and STM32CubeMX, but nothing happens at boot time.

A (buildroot or yocto prebuilt image would be useful to validate the debug setup (mainly boot traces produced on UART debug pins)

Hello, our contributor is working hard on it. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your feedback.
Git repos for the buildroot project seems to be down ( you plan to host the code somewhere else ?

Seeed Studio · GitHub for instance :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback. However, for the time being this site is still open and viewable

Yes, git repos from are back. I’ve successfully checked out the tf-a optee and uboot repos, now I’m trying to integrate the device trees to my Yocto project…

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Managed to build the images as per the instructions located here :

SDCard image hosted here…

Have fun!