I'm curious, user Xadow, really all engineers no designer?

I’m OP, I’m designer, industrial designer. :slight_smile:

I think you have to ask the right questions.
For which interest groups xadow is useful for?
I think for those who want to implement a small embedded application.

Engineers are using probably their own Arduino compatible hardware design instead of Xadow.
Designers work more creative so it is less important to them as the technical implementation of your ideas is executed.

So only the hobbyist remain, like myself.

Hi Nosk, this is Lukas & Lipo battery from Maker Faire Rome :slight_smile:

We have a local leather designer, who was making custom leather-made products such as bags, watch, wallets mostly. Now he is preparing our first Xadow leather bracelets!! :slight_smile: We are very looking forward to it as I will have to present something on CES at Las Vegas next month.

Let me know, if there’s something we can help with.

Haha, that sounds good! If you have chance please help me to take some pictures and sent it to me, thank you~~