#idea Weather station with LED temp without coding

I have the Wio Link with the following modules:

Temp and Humidity Pro
Air Quality
LED 4 digit display


I am monitoring all of the parameters and storing the information in Initial state (initialstate.com/) to see nice historical graph of the sensors.


I am also displaying the current temperature on the LED display (without any coding) by using IFTTT. It’s a bit crude but it works, I created 11 recipes (One for each degree between 15 and 25 degrees, you can create more if you want) but my temperature definitely wouldn’t go outside this range (15 - 25 degrees) inside my house. Each recipe says:

If sensor value = X, then display X on the LED display by posting to the REST API. Would be a lot more painful to do Fahrenheit though.


How to store the data on initial state? :slight_smile:

Here is a brief explanation below, my Wio is offline at the moment so can’t do a more detailed explanation at the moment. I actually got the Inital state idea off a article someone wrote, I think I found it on Initalstate website but can’t remember where I saw it. Let me know if need more info (if you can’t get it working)

Sign up to Initial state (It’s free if you only want 24 hours of data stored)

Create a new bucket (a bucket stores your data you post for each sensor) you can create a bucket for each sensor you want to monitor:

Make a note of the API endpoint for each bucket you create. You will need this later to post data to Initalstate.

Next, sign up to IFTTT (ifttt.com) Create a new recipe, for the trigger channel, search for Seeed. For the Action channel, you will need to search for the “Maker” channel. The maker channel can be used to make API posts to Initialstate.

Here is an example of my temp monitor recipe.