(IDEA) RePebble: a RePhone-based smart watch

When I first saw the RePhone Kit, I thought it would be cool to turn it into a smart watch. I looked around and found that the protocol that Pebble uses is pretty simple so it should be possible to write a RePhone application that can talk to the normal pebble smartphone apps.

(as a new user I can’t link to more info. Just google for pebbledev and libpebble)

That sounds like a great idea and innovation overall. Did you manage to create anything out of it?

I don’t necessarily agree that Apple Watch is the only quality watch out there as the market is continuously evolving and more quality products start appearing without the outrageous price of big companies that overprice their products based on thin air. One of the biggest surprises I had was timefacade as when I bought it I thought it would be useless since the price was too low based on what I knew. Well, guess what, That smartwatch rocks by all means with all its gestures and design.