#idea - record multiple ds18b20 temp sensors

i would like to build an array of 12 temperature sensors. You can find high quality ds18b20 sensors online. How would I set up this array with WioLink?

I think the wio currently not support ds18b20.

I have grove ds18b20 sensor. I use it on Arch boards, and other platforms. We just need to figure out
how to write the “device” specification for it. Then we’ll be fine… It’s funny that it’s not already in the list
of I2C devices. If I had time I’d have done it already.

Hi, I need to read 8 temperature points. Didn’t chose the sensor yet but I think I’ll need a “1 wire” or I2C protocol to connect them.
Does Wio support any of this protocols (or some other)?

Adicional (but no important info) - I’ll need to connect :

  • 2 stepper motors,
  • 1 DC motor (hot water circulation),
  • 1 relay (humidifyer)
  • 1 opened door sensor (microswitch)


Hi Michael,
The Wio link doesn’t support ds18b20 yet, Maybe you can use Grove - Temperature Sensor instead which is an analog signal output.
If you insist on using it, I suggest you put hand on https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_Link/wiki/How-to-write-module-driver-for-Wio-Link%3F to learn how to write the module driver for wio link.


Hi Ulisses,
The Wio Link support I2C protocol as well as UART protocol, meanwhile there’re 3 digital ports and 1 analog ports. I think this is enough for your project.


Look for “Wire-Temperature-Sensor-DS18B20-Seeedstudio” on amazon… however someone will have to write
the software for the Wio platform. And with an I2C expansion, several on the same bus should work fine.