#idea OpenTempescope

Tempescope is a physical display that recreates the weather forecasted inside a box. Instructions for building the box are straightforward: search google for github kenkawakenkenke tempescope wiki

Are several control examples online for iPhone and Raspberry Pi 3. I am thinking Wio Link could be perfect.

Wio-Link can use IFTTT to set up triggers on the weather for a given day. Then turn on and off relays to the 12V water pump and mist generator. Lastly, animate some RGB lamps for sunrise, lightning.

Sounds nice, looking forward to see your project!

Hi Wassabi,
Sounds Great idea, recently I made a weather forecast box which can talk using Rpi3, and I found a website named openweathermap where you can get the weather info freely, maybe you’ll need it too.

About the trigger, You can use IFTTT and DoButton as well as a Grove Sensor, For example, install a sensor on your door (PIR sensor, Touch Sensor and so on), so that when you want to go out it’ll update the weather automatically.


I went a slightly different way. I used the Advanced User Guide and reprogrammed my wio link from the Arduino IDE. Then pulled in a wunderground library for the ESP8266 to get the weather.

OpenTempescope - github.com/kenkawakenkenke/temp … pescope%3F
Wio Advanced Users Guide - github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_Lin … User-Guide
Arduino ESP8266 Library - github.com/esp8266/Arduino
Weather Station Library - github.com/squix78/esp8266-weather-station
Lightning Animation - github.com/jamesabruce/cloudlamp
WiFi Manager - github.com/tzapu/WiFiManager

I am still working on this and nearing completion. Basic animations are: Sunny, Cloudy, Raining, Thunderstorm, and Fog. The thunderstorm animation will also make small tornado in the chamber! :smiley:

* Wifi Connect

  • Wunderground Weather Parse
  • Temp -> LED Color
  • Lightning Effects
  • Fan Control
  • Wifi AP for initial wireless config (using smartphone)
  • Set weather location and UTC offset during config
  • Time sensitive forecast (today's forecast is in the past at night)   


  • wio link resets after a dozen minutes or so, WD timeout?
  • Wifi Credentials are sometimes forgotten through power cycle, may need to re-write the save process to use the eeprom


  • Hardware: Atomizer.  Tested ok on breadboard
  • Hardware: Water Pump, have the parts
  • Hardware: Configuration / Mode select button, the built in config button on D0 seems to be tied into the reset circuit if held too long.
  • Software: Elevated forecast, reads tonight and tomorrow, displays worse of the two
  • Software: Demo Mode (cycle through temperture colors while cycling through clouds / lightning / vortex)
  • Software: Party Mode (Fog with sound reactive lightning, black alt color)