#idea Node-red Thermostat

I’ve progressed well with Wio Link since I received it yesterday. I now have a thermostat program hosted on Beagleboard Green (BBG) with a Wio Link front end. The Wio Link is connected to a Grove Temperature and Humidly Sensor and a Grove LED. The BBG is connected to a Orvibo S20 wifi power switch that switches on when the temperature is more than 22 degC and switches off it it gets below 21 degC. The fan is a Japanese USB fan. I was able to construct the whole node-red program within an hour including completing the user interface on Chrome browser. I am very impressed with what has been delivered by Seeedo. Just need to improve performance with local hosting for a reduced latency. After testing the Wio Link app on both Android and iPad I found it easier to use on the iPad app and discovered that I had missed some functions on the Android but they were still there. Transferred the fully assembled APIs to a Windows PC where I completed the node-red program and added a call to the BBG’s ubuntu shell with ‘cron’ polls for temperature and humidity every minute. Just extract the parameters for node-red: for humidity the ‘get the humidity’ function is simply"return {payload:msg.payload.humidity};" Just as a demo I have included the Wio Link ‘sleep’ function and this will come in handy latter when I use battery power in other projects. The wifi power switch uses ‘udp protocol’ and the sub flow is from the node-red library. Other nodes such as ‘http request’ implement the RESTful GET function. Turning on the LED and sleeping Wio Link is via a Curl functions on BBG’s shell via the node-red 'exec node. Any other wifi switch could be used including 433MHZ RF power switches.
Thermostat Hardware.JPG
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Nice Jobs!

If you can post an video will be better :slight_smile: