[idea] Indoor weather station on your glass windows

The idea is to use Wio link to implement an indoor weather station. The difference here is that the weather station will be attached (or glued) to the inside of a glass window in your home. Wio link will be powered by a li-po battery, which will be charged by a set of solar panels also glued to the windows (facing the outside, of course).

Wio link will read one analog temperature sensor (LM35 for example) and one humidity sensor (Si7021 or DHT11) and periodically send data to an online storage/log iot service (such as Adafruit.io, Sparkfun, ThingSpeak, etc).

Sounds great idea ! but how to read the statistics in a convenient way? and the method to send the data to the service you mention? :slight_smile:

I have a litter more idea, why not add another outdoor weather station on your glass windows. Contrast indoor and outdoor is more interesting. And the outdoor temp. is more accurate than the weather forecast.