#idea Greenhouse aquaponics monitor/controller

I plan to use several nodes:

  1. Fish tank monitor/controller - temperature/heater, water level/valves, …
  2. Plant bed monitor/controller - temperature, moisture, pH, …
  3. Ambient air monitor - temp, Rh, louver controls, …
  4. Smart Evaporative Cooler - temperature, water pump, fan speed control, …

The hardware part is easy, using Wio Link should make the software portion something even I can tackle. But it will take more than 5 minutes!

Other components:
Solar/battery supply, digital output relays, sstl temp. probes, DHT11/22 modules, HAF fans, …

Next step: get parts ordered!

Sounds Great! Maybe you’re a hands-on talent! How about write a recipe about your project when you finished it.

  1. You can use a Grove - Temperature Sensor to monitor the temperature and a Grove - Relay to control the heater. Use the Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger to monitor the water level.
  2. It’s a pity that Wio link doesn’t support Grove - pH sensor. since the pH sensor is analog output, so the module driver code is easy to write, please put hand on https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/Wio_Link/wiki/How-to-write-module-driver-for-Wio-Link%3F to learn how to write the module driver. And put hand on http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_PH_Sensor to learn the sensor info.
  3. Grove - Temp&Humi Sensor can monitor the temp and Rh, you can use a stepper motor to control the louver
  4. There’re 3 digital ports can output PWM that can control the fan speed.
    In total, you need 4 wio links and many other Grove modules
    Wow! It’s really a great project!! Wish you enjoy the process of making


Since you need several temperatures, you will want an I2C expansion card, then one
of the grove-DS18B20 temperature sensors (look for it on amazon), and you’ll then need several of those
sensors without the resistor Vktech-DS18b20-Waterproof-Temperature-Transmitter

I was just going to make a green-house monitoring/watering/venting system… I did a previous project
with an ebb-flow hydroponic garden, so I already have my RV water pump, solar panel, solar-charge-conroller, battery,
float-switches, and solenoid valves, and relay-board. A couple of motors and I’d be in business.

Hi, devon
The temperature sensors in the Wio Link kit isn’t I2C port. The DS18B20 is single bus protocol. Since you have already made a project about hydroponic garden, how about write a recipe and let more maker know about it.

There is a grove DS18B20 that is I2C - look for Wire-Temperature-Sensor-DS18B20-Seeedstudio on amazon.

When I have time I’ll will figure out how to connect several temperatures sensors.

I have several temp probes and ultra-sonic PCBs, just ordered a I2C expansion card and a servo motor driver (louvers). Also have several 8x relay boards, but ordered some 2x boards for pump control. Sump pump w/float works well in the sump but doesn’t do anything for make-up water.

My ‘real job’ is keeping me busy traveling lately, hope it slacks off when the parts come in.

The water-proof temp. sensors can be used anywhere in the greenhouse, the current one is oxidizing (so much for stainless steel sleeves. Need to get higher grade ones, 316, for a permanent installation) and the ultra-sonics are OK but don’t have a high resolution (don’t think I need them for this).

The tilapia and Koi are enjoying the 275 gal. tanks but stress when the sump pump sends water splashing into the tank, need to modify it to inject air/water into the water. Maybe I can get an Oxygen sensor monitor and eventually keep Trout/Salmon (at a lower temp. of course). Just use a water/water heat pump to move the heat from the trout to the tilapia tank.

I’ll have to take some pictures when the plants start taking off this year!