#idea - data loging for a climate chamber

I have with me a Wio Link environment kit. My application is for data logging real time-stamped data from a climate chamber. Here I plan to monitor growth of medicinal herbs at different environmental conditions. The data transmitted from the Wio Link is to be logged on to an excel file in my laptop. The data logging frequency is once in every 10 minutes. Please advice as to how I can do this.


Hi Shanks,
Great idea! The wio link team have already made a project to see the environment around you. It’s a website made with node.js + express + socket.io +wio link, please put hand on http://www.seeedstudio.com/recipe/1069-a-website-to-see-the-environment-data-around-you.html to get more info.


Another data logging dashboard with Initial State is here: blog.initialstate.com/review-wio-link

Can waiting to see your application :slight_smile: