(IDEA) Add a headphone jack to RePhone?

Has anyone added a headphone jack to the RePhone Create Kit yet?

Should be able to connect one to take the place of the audio XADOW board, right? I’m downloading the EAGLE flles now to figure out how to either hang off the existing board or use breakout board …

Charlie in Houston

I’m looking at this too. The GSM breakout board has the appropriate pads it looks like, so my current plans are to attach a stereo+mic headphone jack to it.


Excellent. Please post the parts and processes you use.

Referencing the XADOW GSM breakout pin diagram it is somewhat confoosing where to hook things up.

See my other post at the “Microphone” forum entry where I pose the question about which pins to use.

Charlie in Houston

So (Jack) did you or anyone else succeed with attaching a headphone jack to the RePhone breakout board?

Charlie in Houston

I did manage to connect a small speaker (from another phone I ripped up) but found I had to connect it to the headphone pins instead of the speaker pins on the breakout module. So something like GND and AU_HPL instead of what I expected SPK_OUTP and SPK_OUTN.

It’s strange. When i was connecting speaker directly, SPK_OUT{P,N} worked for me very well…

No wonder!
The SPK_OUT_N and _P are just using some extra capacitors and inductors to filter (also 2 ESD protection diode).
It’s a problem if you can’t hear anything if you connect an extra speaker to those pins directly.