Idea, a stand that looks like a real o'scope

There’s the idea
cut a sheet of plastic, mount several rotary encoders and push buttons onto it, put some BNC connectors on the front
mount the DSO Nano or Quad onto it, plug in wire from BNC connectors to the DSO
wire up the encoders and buttons to an USB capable microcontroller, program the microcontroller to behave like a HID keyboard
use USB cable to connect the DSO to the microcontroller
write new firmware to use the fake HID keyboard so the rotary encoders and buttons become new methods of adjusting stuff instead of using the buttons on the DSO itself

in the end, it will look really funny and become easier to use

This will only work if the ST32 being used has USB OTG or USB host capabilities
I can’t find information about “ST32VCT6” that is being used in the DSO Quad anywhere, or else i’d know if it has those capabilities

It sure would be cool. Don’t know about the USB though, I think you have to code a host mode in the firmware. Never seen a device before that can be both host and client device. Maybe you can attach the encoders right where the buttons are now and use the rotary switches as generic selectors depending on where you are in the menu system instead of having separate V/div, T/div selectors.
Then wonder if there is a larger screen that is pin compatible with nano’s own screen so you can have maybe a 8" there instead :slight_smile:

It would be way cool to have a desktop oscilloscope for a tenth of a normal one.

The host mode and device mode thing shouldn’t be a problem, just another menu option to add, hopefully.

A device can be both (but not at the same time) like those portable hard drives that can suck photos out of a camera “on the go” The USB library from ST used in the Nano code also has support for OTG. So it can all be done in firmware.

EDIT: Only the “Connectivity” line STM32F105x/7x has OTG support, and the Nano uses STM32F103…