I'd like some general information about the DSO201

I just bought the DSO201, and loaded BenF’s firmware and well it’s awesome. Thanks Ben for releasing the source code!
I’d like to get my nose wet in embedded systems, and would like to play around with this, but I’d like some direction so I can research more about this system.
Any links you could provide for me to read would be awesome. I’m not 100% sure what I should be looking for here

I believe it is based on a ARM Cortex architecture? Is this comparable to say, a PC’s architecture? As in the organization of RAM and input output?

When I loaded his firmware on this, did this also replace the software that pops up when I hold the - key down and turn the power on to upgrade the firmware?

  • Is there a BIOS type system on this device below the firmware I loaded onto it? For the purpose of system checks, initializing hardware and OS loading?
  • What system/procedure did BenF use to compile/assemble/link his code to produce a “DSO BenF APP v3.02.dfu” image?

Thanks a bunch! If you can think of anything else you want to tell me (with the exception of clothing you’re wearing) it’d be greatly appreciated.

The DSO uses STM32 which bases on ARM Cortex-M3. There is a datasheet of the DSO: seeedstudio.com/depot/datash … Manual.pdf.
Also there is one development guide for the DSO: code.google.com/p/dsonano/downlo … akechanges.

Ben’s firmware uses IAR4.X to compile.