I2C Touch Sensor v1.1 -- Sensor Sensitivity


No matter which values I use to set the touch- and release thresholds, the touch sensors remain super-sensitive.
In MPR121.h, I’ve changed the constants TOU_THRESH and REL_THRESH from 0x1 up to 0xFFFFFF. No difference whatsoever.
How (and if possible, using which values) can I lower the sensitivity of the sensors so they barely sense anything anymore?


i have tested this sensor too, with the same problem you mentioned. without get some other solution, i changed the feeler, make the feeler little in size or even get rid of the feeler, just using the wire to sensoring. it works better. but, this is not an official way…

Thanks for the tip HugeMan. I’ve given it a try, but with limited success unfortunately. Is there a material known that doesn’t trigger the sensor? I mean, if I would lay material X between my finger and the sensor, and I’d press it, the sensor wouldn’t go off?!

Hi,I2C touch sensor may too sensitive to test , so maybe many factors can have a influence to it.such as static electricity, structure of circuit. We have realized this defect, so the new version of touch sensor might solve this problem.

Okay, thanks for the information Jacket.

When you touch the pads back of I2C touch sensor, it will occur a signal , just like you have touched the sensor. Maybe that’s a defective hardware.