I2C not working on Wio link?

I am trying to use Grove ATH20 temperature sensor (I2C) on Wio link.
Example “demo” code comes with ATH20_Arduino_Libraray gives “GET DATA FROM ATH20 FAIL” and never gives a reading.
I also tried Grove SHT31 with its “example” code and I only got “na” readings.

Both examples works perfect when I connect them to Arduino I2C pins.

ESP8266 is on Wio link and I2C pins should be 4 (data) and 5 (clock), which is default on wire.h.

It looks like I am using totally wrong pins on Wio link, but I couldn’t figure out after a whole day.

Please help.


The key is GPIO 15 as mentioned in Advanced User Guide! I should have read this part more carefully.

Now ATH20 sensor is working on I2C on Wio link.


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