I2c nodered grove sensor

iam trying to read in grove sensor via i2c in node-red.
i always get an property undefined error

i already tried different beaglebone-images but always the same behaviour.

Am i missing anything?

Has anyone an idea how this node is working correctly?


Hi there:
It is very helpful for you to give me a hardware connection about this issue.

Hi, i have beaglebone Green with grove Cape. In the Cape i have wired 4 different i2c Sensors that i Wang to read in. On terminal i can find the adresses of the Sensors with i2cdetect command

@ingaa85 I think the inherent problem is that node-red has a bug, this is maintained by beaglebone. I’ve given it back to beaglebone and look forward to solving this problem in a future Images.

ok, thanks for forwarding the problem. hope this will be solved one day.