I2C Color Sensor - Grove

I want to know how can i connect multiple color sensors to one Arduino board? I connected them through base shield and through i2c hub and they still have the same address.

hey, you can use software I2C, that’s, use a normal as i2c interface, you can refer to my github: github.com/reeedstudio/Arduino_SoftI2C

just have a try~ :smiley:

I don’t see how can i make it work. I think i need to change the library to add a new function for readingRGB, but i dont know how to do that.

hey, yes~ you need to change the library, library was use to control I2CTouchSensor

I can do this work, but I am busy this few days, so you’d better have a try, I wouldn’t be so hard!! come on!! :smiley:

Hi loovee,
I have to connect 5 of these color sensors to 1 Arduino and have the same problem as chip69. Did you solved the problem, yet?

Have anice day :smiley: