I2C address conflict for 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer

Hi all,
I’m happy owner of Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer I would like to connect 2 devices on one I2C bus, but I’m facing adderss collision. Datasheet for H3LIS331DL contain note like this:

The slave address (SAD) associated to the H3LIS331DL is 001100xb. The SDO/SA0 pad
can be used to modify the less significant bit of the device address. If the SA0 pad is
connected to the voltage supply, LSB is ‘1’ (address 0011001b) or else, if the SA0 pad is
connected to ground, the LSB value is ‘0’ (address 0011000b). This solution allows the
connection and addressing of two different accelerometers to the same I2C lines

My question is where those pads are exposed on Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer ? Is this P1 or unnamed pad on the back ?

Also question is, if this is documented somewhere ?

PS. antispam policy prevent adding links, if needed I will add those later.


You can connect two I2C devices by making the following modifications in the P1 pad.

Cut the soldering between L in the P1 pad with a knife and solder the center pad with the H as shown in the picture below.

Change the I2C address in the code(0x19 if you make the above modifications)

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3-Axis Digital Accelerometer_400.png