I would like to connect Grove TF mini sensor to Wio Terminal

I have Grove TF mini LiDAR sensor. and I just bought three Wio Terminals.
I checked several things and found that this is wonderful platform, easy to learn.

However there is only a little information how to connect this to the Grove sensors.

  1. Is there any example showing how to connect Grove TF mini LiDAR sensor to Wio Terminal.
    I connected this sensor to the left Grove port of the Wio Terminal.
    And then, I don’t know what to do next. I also tried the example condes for Grove TF mini LiDAR which utilize additional UART setup for communicate with TF sensor. However how can I use this UART from I2C port of left Grove port?

  2. Where can I find the additional information about the Wio Terminal battery Shield?
    There are 6 more Grove ports. How I can use these ports?

Thanks in advance.

  1. there exist a lib in our Github that can get distance by using Tfmini with WIO Terminal.meanwhile, this lib having development so you can give me some advice to update this lib.the hardware connection as below:
  2. This product is currently taken down, more information will be released very soon.

Thank you very much. for this.
I also check in wiki pages which describes about connecting grove GPS sensor to Wio Terminal. and it uses I2C1 as new Serial3 definition. Trying this, it didn’t work.

Looking at your connection diagram. it is something different.
Thanks. I will see and try your Github.

Please let me know the difference bet. this figure and above figure.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there:
the two figures both reside in the WIO terminal.
this port be at the back of WIO terminal
this port be at side of WIO terminal

What I would like to know is as follows;

  1. in order to use your github link. I should connect Grove connector to rear 40pin. right?
  2. I would like to use left grove connector (basically I2C) with TFmini LiDar sensor.
    What should I do ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there:
2. Sorry, this is difficult for me to use the IIC to control TFmini LiDar, for now,

Hi there:
there exist Product Manual in our wiki that describe all information to use this lidar.

If I want to implement using softwareserial what number should I use
when we use right Grove connector (A0/A1 or D0/D1) as a Softwareserial?
How about to use left Grove connector (I2C) as a Softwareserial?

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial mySerial(RXNUM, TXNUM); // RX, TX

You can try it, I think you can, but you need to test it. @youngil_sohn

Yesterday I ordered digital multi-meter.
Today I got that and from now on I can measure the voltages.

At first, I checked that the VCC level in the Grove Shield is 5V (TTL)
However the VCC level of Grove connectors in Wio Terminal is 3.3V (not TTL level)

Is this the reason why I cannot use serial connections?
What is your opinion about this?

I will check the VCC requirement of the TF mini LiDAR from now.
If you know something about this, please let me know.

I found that the followings in the one of the examples.

#if defined(ARDUINO_ARCH_SAMD)
#define uart Serial1
SoftwareSerial uart(2, 3);

When I tried D2,D3 of UNO + Grove Shield. it works.!!!
However tried D0,D1 of Right Grove conn. of the Wio Terminal, it doesn’t work.
with the followings

SoftwareSerial uart(0, 1);

I think this is mainly due to the Vcc voltage problem also.

Hi there:
Yes, the working voltage is 5V about the TF mini LiDAR.So we have to find the 5v voltage to power this TF mini LiDAR.and this is a solution about using TF mini LiDAR at WIO terminal as below:

I connected like your suggestion. I found that the voltage between 5V and GND.
It works. anyway… I hope to get a switching method for the Grove connector in Wio Terminal

Hi there;
thanks for you suggest, we will collect it. and we will contact you if we pass this new feature about WIO terminal.

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