I think I bricked my Xiao nRF52840 Sense. Do I really need to invest time & $ into another piece of hardware?

I’m kinda new to this so I’m wondering firstly:
How? I was just using the arduino IDE to write some simple code to flash the RGB LED according to the accelerometer reading. Nothing terribly advanced or tricky. No hardware hooked up at all- just a usb cable. No lose connections, or sketchy anything. However, it now doesn’t recognize in windows, and has no leds. Seems like a pretty temperamental board compared to my usual arduino nanos.
Ok, so I learned about the double reset button trick and happily it does show up as a drive that way. I see the info_uf2.txt file, the current.uf2 and the index.htm file. Since I’m accessing the files, it seems like I ought to be able to update whatever broken software thing needs updating, yes? It seems like the more I read the more I’m inclined to believe I need another piece of hardware like a raspberry pi or XIAO expansion board or some other hardware solution that I don’t have handy at the moment.
So I’m pretty disappointed with my experience so far- I guess I was expecting this board to be more robust. Is it really this hard to get some simple code going on this?

After “double resetting”, XIAO should appear as a drive, at this time look at Tools-Port in the menu bar of the IDE.
There should be a port with the name nRF52. Select it and you should be able to upload again.

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Hi there,
Temperamental , Pffft NOT at all… It’s new to You and once you get the flow of the Xiao eco You’ll be a pro. READ the wiki, You see there are lots of similarities in the line and it’s pretty solid tech.
Jump in!, the water is Fine. :smiley: :v:
GL :slight_smile: PJ


Yea… geesh! that was easy! How did I miss that? How embarassing! thanks!
*I mean- I’m still not sure what happened in the 1st place, but glad to not have a brand new mission to tackle.