I sure wish I could buy some of these and put them on my Favorite Seeed Engineers

Here is another project that you may love to try. This is a project based on ESP32 and LoRaWan. The system uses RYLR993 LoRaWAN Module and ESP32C2 as hosting MCU. The LoRaWAN module is controlled using AT commands over UART and contains an internal temperature sensor that the system makes use of.

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wow thanks… we really need more example projects and code to try to build a base of understanding…

Hi there,
NO this is what you want, REALLY , check out the Native operation. BAM!

I ordered some to crack open, but I already know they have NORDIC :star_struck:chips inside.
For get the cheap a$$ RISC chips… lots of smoke and mirrors, B.S. :poop: ESP-IDF now a requirement.
The stuck it to EVERYONE.

Seeed get with the program and ditch those ESP’s get a real Silicon NFR54 Series … ASAP!
You do understand by using there chips YOU get the tracking for FREE! Imagine Now your remote logger can be tracked if it “walks off” from the fountain or Greenhouse it’s monitoring.

envision the “watcher Device” now location aware TOO! now that is a GAME changer.

Go crazy with marrying an IOT XIAO with Native abilities just by having the right Silicon.
Forget this other money drain for little REAL performance and power usage.
You see and hear the battery life on these things , and RECHARGABLE.
C’mon SEEED get on with it.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

What do you call a co. that makes 6 versions of the same thing & none of them really cover it all?
EspressIF… LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: