I received someone else's PCB order


I received someone else’s PCB order and the support team is unresponsive. Has this happened to anyone else and how long did it take them to resolve it?



Just got someone else PCB too… The sticker show my design (HotPlate, which they assigned design number 10220a). The PCB I got (the wrong one) does have that same number on it. So I guess a problem occurred while laying out the batch PCB (which get sent to fab house with all customers design grouped). They put the design number on the wrong design or something like that. So I probably got switched with some mate’s PCB!

I just sent a ticket, will see how it goes.

Meanwhile, did you get the issue resolved on your side?

P.S., if my “switch mate” come to this forum, I got a PCB with the inscription “Koholz Industries 2015” and “rev 1.0” on front silkscreen. My design has “Hotplate Ctrl v1.0 - Eric Hoffman” written on back silkscreen… That it, it even has my name on it and it got switched :stuck_out_tongue:

Same for me…
I will post the images tomorrow, when i am allowed

I received THIS. Please Notice the “Ligence LTD USSR Amp” on the silkscreen

My design is THIS

Am I supposed to chase this company myself ? Damnit !

Hi Friends,
We are sorry for our late reply and we sincerely apologize for our mistakes to ship you the wrong borads.
To solve your order issue fast you can contact us by the tickets system.
Since some days have already passed by after your post. I think my colleague Echo have already solved this for you right? If you still need help feel free to contact us by tickets.