I/O pins on Rainbowduino 3.0

I see from the drawing that there are some I/O pins available on J8. Does anyone know how they are mapped with regard to Arduino compatibility? I see PC0-PC3,ADC6,ADC7,PD2 and PD3 are available and mapped to the ATmega’s pins. I was hoping someone knew the corresponding I/O pin numbers in the Arduino. I need at least one analog (ADC) and one digital pin.


Looks like I read the drawing wrong. When I match it up to the Arduino drawing it looks like I have all 6 analog I/O and 2 digitals on the Rainbowduino J8. We’ll see I guess. If anyone has anymore info or experience using these pins I would like to hear from you though!!

Hi , you can see A0~A7 and D2~D3 on the J8.

So, A0~A5 is corresponding to A0~A5 on Arduino.D2~D3 is corresponding to digital 2~digital 3 on Arduino.

And you also could see digital 4~digital 7 on the Arduino have been used by Rainbowduino .