I need the BOM for the Seeeduino 3.0

Hey guys… I just scored a Seeeduino 3.0 at the Seattle Maker Faire today. It’s a bare PCB, and I’m pretty sure I can manage all the SMT soldering myself. But I can’t seem to find a BOM. Is there a kit of parts I can purchase, sans the PCB, or just a BOM that I can punch into Digikey or Mouser and get this board populated? I love the yellow headers I saw in the assembled pictures of this board on this site, btw. :slight_smile:
Sorry in advance if this question is answered in an obvious place and I missed it. I did try to pull up the schematic in Eagle to see if I could get a BOM out of Eagle, but it doesn’t want to load for me, for some reason. I’m using Eagle 6.1.0 on a Mac…

Hi there ,
:slight_smile: You can download it in the attachment .

Seeeduino v3.0 bom.xlsx (11.9 KB)

Thanks! :slight_smile: