I like gprs V1.0

Hi, I like gprs ver 1.0
No like new version 2.0 for this reasons:

  • switch can select power external or internal.
  • jack antenna (SMA) solder in the pcb for any type of antenna

My question is: seeedstudio in he future product gprs V1.0 ?

hey,it sounds right in a manner…

Maybe we have a necessary introduction for our new version of GPRS 2.0? Others may not know which we have updated by 2.0

And if it is feasible,you could put a post on our wish.

Thanks for you attention.

I just got my 1st V2.0 GPRS shield. Unfortunately somehow the data communication with the provider is not working, using same Arduino Mega and software as with a V1.0. Still trying to figure out where this is going wrong.

This is not a nice start.

Hi,maybe the manual of operation is not very clear, and thanks for your feedback. If you have any problem about the new GPRS,please let’s know.


GPRS shield V2.0 select your power automatic, the shield gain the power if external power was plug in. The DC-DC switch circuit is more efficiently and low heart disappeared.
Yes, we changed the antenna to PCB version, it is small and comfortable to place. Don’t worry about the antenna signal quality, it is as good as before. You can use others antenna via a UFL connector wire.
More features pls visit ours wiki page. seeedstudio.com/wiki/GPRS_Shield_V2.0