I just screwed everything up on my X86J4105, NEED HELP!

I purchased a X86J4105, with the eMMC module and Windows 10 installed. Over time, the C drive slowly filled up and I wanted to re-install windows on the D drive (1TB NVMe M.2) and start from scratch. I followed some instructions to flash an external drive and started the “restore” process in windows from the bootable drive and I was able to select the larger NVMe drive as the installation location. Got windows all set up and things looked good. Then I decided to go ahead and clean up the eMMC drive in diskpart. Things worked after that, although, after a reboot, now nothing will load. I’m taken straight to the UEFI screen and if I go into the BIOS menu, neither the C or D drive are recognized, and therefore I believe the windows install is completely shot.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to recover?

Maybe the boot disk partition be cleared. You can disable emmc in BIOS then install a pure windows in SSD. Enable emmc after the windows installed.

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