I having trouble to get my *Wio Link* --> Firmware upgraded

Hi all

I bought a Wio Link and I having trouble to upgrade the firmware with my IoS App and using a Iphone 12. I’m using the global server and not the one in China and live in Switzerland.
Once it worked so it’s seems not to be on my end a configuration Issue, and I assume something with the server or with the installed WIO Link Flash image is broken.
Any experiences here how to fix that ? Even the Node 0 message does not appear and I only see "building the firmware which runs in to the following error messages:

Unknown error occurred
Please check it and try it again


Please check it and try again

Is there a bug Fix with a new WIO LINK Base firmware or a way to get more debugging information so I can fix that?

In the web I found only this old article from 2016, which does not work:
Failing to configure · Issue #4 · Seeed-Studio/Wio_Link · GitHub


Sorry, the app and cloud service for this product stopped working last year.

Ohw good to know! any workaround with own server possible?
any new similar products with less coding skills available?